About Us

Established in 2012, our company became the main result of dreams, aspirations, hard work, and last but not least, passion. With a team of talented people behind, the main goal was becoming more than a simple company, offering its customers quality and class, aiming to be part of people’s lives.

The main idea emerged from the historical moment when Switzerland became a federal state, September 12, 1848. That year, full of important events not only for our country, but for the whole world, quickly developed into a concept that took shape in front of our eyes, and, with a lot of dedication and responsibility, we forged what we are today, growing every single day and coming up with new ideas and designs.

Innovation, creativity and expertise of our team along with high quality production and rigorous quality control in production line have proven to be the key success in our business model. We never compromise quality and a considerable amount of time is spent in finest details of our products and services.

The Company has three core businesses:

1- A full range of Products and accessories for watch enthusiasts and high quality Swiss watch lovers produced, marketed and sold under our registered trademark 1848®. Swiss 1848 SA is bringing prestige to the luxury world, ranging from neckties, scarves and cufflinks, to tie pins and most importantly watch winders which are used to keep high quality and expensive automatic watches always wound and ready to be used, a must have for a watch collector. We have satisfied customer around the World who appreciate quality and value of our products and services. To find out about our current range of luxury products, please visit our online store at SWISS 1848 STORE.

2- A wide range of food products including nuts produced in variety of  tastes using our unique formula developed in house by our food engineers, under our production license and permission using highest standard of quality under the registered trademark Loeen®.

3- Full range of Business Consultancy Services from feasibility study, business plan, restructuring and management consulting to marketing, business development and strategy planning offered to small and midsize companies under our registered trademark 1848®.