Non-Profit Consulting Services

Switzerland is a centre of many non-profit organisations. Most of these organizations have noble intentions, lofty goals, and great people, but fall down on execution. They struggle with fundraising, spend too much on administration, and fall woefully short on results. Although many non-profits certainly have issues in common with small businesses, and benefit from similar business services, we have found a few areas that are particularly difficult for non-profits: planning, fundraising, and management.

These are all interconnected, of course.

  • A plan without any funding will never go anywhere.
  • Funding without a plan is almost bound to fail.
  • Few organizations ever achieve their goals without strong management.

Common reasons non-profits hire us for consulting.

Here are a few examples of problems that our non-profit strategy consulting can help your organization overcome.

Our organization is drifting.

We have a mission and a vision, but we just can’t seem to stick with them. We need someone to help us get our organization back on track. It isn’t just creating a document, it’s getting people to work together toward a common goal.

Our revenue channels aren’t clear.

We are considering several options for generating additional revenue, but we are having trouble deciding which one makes the most sense. We need an outside organization to come in and help us make this important decision.

Our organization is just not structured right.

We have too many people in some areas, too few in others, and the wrong people in others. We need help evaluating and reorganizing our departments and processes.

If you are looking for a non-profit consulting firm with integrity, passion, and a talent for delivering results, then you have come to the right place. We practice what we preach — steady, sustainable growth achieved through hard work, great ideas, superior execution, and ethical marketing.

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